How to Take Care of One Month Old Baby?

When your baby turns one month old, he needs to eat a lot. This is because babies grow quite rapidly at this age, and surviving on breastmilk or baby formula is their only way out. But they need a lot of it. Hence one month old baby will require a lot more time and attention to stay full and not starve at any time of the day.

A 1-month-old baby will become hungry every two or three hours. So while your little one might stay asleep for four or five hours at a time in the night, they need to eat very immediately before and after they sleep.

Most parents often wonder if their newborn baby’s care 1st month is done the right way or not. Hence this post will let you know what you should and should not do to take care of your little one.

Diet of a One-Month-Old Baby

If your kid is surviving on breastfeeding, there are mainly two ways to make sure that your little one has enough diet. The first is to make sure your baby looks and feels content at the end of each feeding session.

Trust your judgment on this, as no one will know your baby more than you. The second way to make sure that your baby has enough food is to monitor their weight. As long as your 1 month old baby is gaining healthy weight, their feeding habits are OKAY. This will maintain your one-month baby weight.

diet for one month old baby

Sleeping Habits of Newborn Baby Care 1st Month

This won’t be a surprise, but babies sleep a lot. Your 1 month old baby needs to stay asleep 15 to 16 hours a day. Typically at this age, a baby will stay asleep between 8 to 9 hours in the night with a few interruptions for feeding. However, you may find that your baby is sleeping for five hours at a time without waking up.

If this is the case, you have to get some rest. There isn’t any need to wake up your baby to feed them. They will inform you when they are hungry. Your baby will sleep another six to seven hours in the day in three to four naps. Again there isn’t any need to disturb your baby for feeding as they will let you know when they need to eat.

Sleeping habits of newborn baby care 1st month

Should I Let My Baby Stay Around Visitors?

Newborn care also includes how you let visitors come around it. Having a new one in the family, there isn’t any doubt that friends and family will want to see you and your baby. And these may be one of the most tiring but enjoyable parts of the first few weeks of having a new baby. It is important to realize that your baby tips include letting your kid have some time.

This is because the immune system of your baby is still developing. An infant’s immune system doesn’t mature until he is of 2 to 3 months of age. You must limit your baby’s exposure to other people for at least the first two months of their life.

A newborn baby needs a lot of attention and care, and you must be cautious about everything you do around them. These baby tips will save you and your baby big time.

Should I let my baby stay around visitors?


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