Causes of Breast Pain During Pregnancy and Soreness in the First Trimester?

During pregnancy or before it, it is very normal to feel breast pain and soreness. However, during pregnancy, your breasts may also get very sensitive and tender. Breast tenderness is one of the very common signs of pregnancy.

It possibly starts around weeks 4 to 7 and also lasts through the first trimester. So breast pain during pregnancy is not any disease or something to be worried about at all. 

Your breasts will keep changing throughout the pregnancy. Those changes will culminate with colostrum, the precursor to breast milk, and the baby’s first food right after delivery. You may also start to notice Colo strums leak around week 38.

The following article will know all about sore breasts and why breast pain and soreness are normal things. 

What are the Causes of Sore Nipples?

Breast pain during pregnancy is a very normal thing, and the dazzling hormonal duo of progesterone and estrogen deserve the most credit for the changes in breasts. Most women say their boobs hurt during their pregnancy times.

The other factors include the buildup of fat, milk glands, and tissue in your breasts, increasing blood flow in this area. All of these changes are helping your breasts be ready for breastfeeding in only a few short months. 

Nipple pain causes are mostly because the hormones are acting their role. Tender nipples or pain is because you are at the end of the third trimester, and your body kicks into the higher gear to get ready for the baby’s imminent arrival.

You may feel breast pain and also tenderness again at this point as colostrums production is starting. 

What Does Breast Pain During Pregnancy Feel Like?

Breast pain and soreness may make you wonder why your breasts feel heavy, tingly, and full. Tender nipples meaning is that it is as individual as any other pregnancy change will be that mean some women won’t get that brother with it.

At the same time, some others may feel greater nipple pain during pregnancy. For most moms, breast pain is the dull ache, heaviness, soreness, tenderness, and fullness, while some report sharp and shooting pain in sensitive nipples.

So now you know the sensitive nipple causes, you may relax and not worry much about it. But if the situation causes you many discomforts, you can consult your doctor to treat these issues.

Breast Pain and Soreness may be only a result of the hormonal changes in your body preparing your body for the baby’s incoming. Most women suffer this pain in the first trimester of their lives. But some may have it throughout as well.

It is an individual case and may be based on the different bodily features that affect it in all ways. Sore breasts can even come and go throughout your life, starting from puberty to pregnancy and beyond.

You can make it relieved by temporary ways, such as wearing a supportive bra, creating a no-touch zone, and opting for loose clothing that doesn’t aggravate the condition.


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