What is Exclusive Breastfeeding and the Benefits of Breast Feeding

For little kids to survive, grow, and develop their bodies properly, they need the right amount of nutrients. Exclusive breast feeding milk is rich in nutrients and antibodies which contain the right amount of fat, water, sugar, and protein. These nutrients are the main pre-requirements for the health and survival of the little baby.

Exclusive breastfeeding meaning is that when a child is breastfed exclusively, his immune system is strengthened, allowing it to fight life-threatening illnesses such as diarrhea and Pneumonia, amongst the other infections.

In fact, reports show that babies that are not breastfed for the initial six months of life are 15 times more likely to die from Pneumonia than the newborns that are exclusively breastfed for six months after their birth.

Benefits of Breast Feeding:

·      Breastfeed gives your baby the Colo strums in the first few days

The formula cannot change its constitution, but your breast milk morphs to meet the baby’s changing requirements. Colostrum is the pre-milk that comes right after the delivery is chock full of the antibodies that protect your newborn baby.

This mother milk is also higher in protein and lower in sugar than the full milk; hence, even a small amount may hold off your baby’s hunger.

·      Milk feeding gives your baby’s digestive system a little break

When your full milk comes in, it is higher in sugar and volume than colostrums, when the baby arrives. The newborn needs many calories and frequent feedings to fuel the rapid growth of his tiny body. exclusive breast feeding will give your little kid all of the important nutrients that he needs.

The mature milk you get is designed to be digested a lot quickly; hence the baby will eat more often. The proteins in cow milk formula and also the soy milk formula are tougher for the infant’s body to break up than those present in breast milk. Hence the longer you may put off the transition to formula the better it is.

·      Benefits of breastfeeding milk include reduction of risk of viruses, ear infections, and respiratory infections

The incidences of colds, Pneumonia, and viruses are reduced among the breastfed babies. That is because breast milk is fully loaded with antibodies that protect your baby after birth. Formula-fed infants are also a lot more likely to suffer from ear infections than the breastfed babies and lower respiratory tract infections.

·      Baby feeding mother milk reduces the risk of SIDS

Although the connection is still unclear, breastfed infants have fewer sudden infant death syndrome cases than formula-fed infants do.

·      Protects against the illnesses such as type 1 and type 2 diabetes

The importance of breastfeeding includes the fact that breastfed babies have a lower risk of developing type 1 diabetes, and getting obese now or later in life that is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

Exclusive breast feeding has been seen to give the little kids many health benefits that can improve their lifestyle and also keep them healthy throughout. A breastfeeding mom should take well care of her diet as well so that her body can produce enough milk to support the needs of her baby.

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