Postnatal Health


Pregnancy is a stressful period in which your body has undergone tremendous change. Now is the best time to recover from all these pregnancy changes. Eating healthy in the postpartum period is essential even if you are not breastfeeding. You need to replenish your body stores, especially iron. If you are breastfeeding, it becomes vital for you to have a healthy and balanced diet. Baby will get all the essential nutrients from your breastfeeding, and your body will recover back to normal.

Postatal Yoga

It is time to recover and get back to your normal shape. Postnatal yoga sessions will help you to recover and build strength after pregnancy and childbirth. It is specially designed for mums to help them regain their physical appearance and shape.It will also help mums fight postnatal depression and make them emotionally strong. Various breathing and meditation practices help in the easy transition to motherhood.

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