Childbirth Classes

FAQ’S for Childbirth classes

How many sessions are there and what is included in all the sessions?

Understanding pregnancy in trimesters and months
Diet in pregnancy
Bonding with baby before birth
Common problems(constipation, backache etc) and there solutions
Exercises to prepare for natural birth

Hormones that play role in starting natural labour
Pelvic anatomy
Details about uterus, cervix, and baby
Various positions of baby in pelvis and which is the most optimal one
Stages of labour- brief about first stage, second stage and third stage

Why does pain occur during labour
Comfort measures for labour
Various breathing techniques to be taught for pain relief
Various relaxation techniques used in labour
What is abnormal labour
When and why intervention can become necessary
Fetal and maternal monitoring during labour
Vaginal birth after caesarean section(VBAC)
Caesarean section
All about Postpartum period

Golden hour of baby’s life- why is it important
Delayed cord clamping-why to ask for it
Skin to skin contact – why you should demand for it
How to breast feed
How to know if baby is getting enough feed
How to boost your breast milk supply
How to take care of new-born

You need to log in or sign up, after signing up. You can go to childbirth class booking page. You can choose your instructor and timings and you will be registered for the class.

Once you book the first class online, you will receive confirmation of booking. Next you will receive zoom link before the class. For the remaining three classes, you can chose and discuss suitable timings with your instructor and let us know through WhatsApp your confirmed timings. We will thereby send you zoom link of that class.

Childbirth classes are taken by CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educators

Please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can reschedule your class as per your convenient time.

Childbirth Educators

Vidhyasree Srinivas

CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator

Shirley Arulgruz

CAPPA Certified Childbirth EducatorAdvanced Certified Lactation Professional

Rajalakshmi Ramanathan

CAPPA Certified Childbirth EducatorMaternal and Child Nutrition ExpertAdvanced Certified Lactation ProfessionalUNICEF Certified Infant and Young Child Feeding in emergency Expert

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