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How to Set Up a Bedtime Routine, Baby?

After the birth of their child, most women say that they are facing the condition of the baby not sleeping at time or well. A consistent baby bedtime routine will set the right stage for perfect sleeping habits and help your little one throughout the night.

When it is time to go to sleep at night, you won’t just hop in bed with clothes you wore throughout the day and turn the light off.

If you realize it or not, you have to follow a routine that includes washing your face, brushing your teeth, and changing into pajamas. In the same way, your baby must also have a routine.


When Should You Start a Bedtime Routine Baby?

Do not pressurize yourself to impose a newborn routine for sleeping right after coming home from the hospital. After all, he needs to recover from the whole effort of being born and you as well. Newborns don’t have much sense of day and night and don’t have predictable patterns.

But when your baby is at the age of 6 to 8 weeks, you may start the bedtime routine for him. It must be a very short one at first, maybe a cuddly feeling or a brief reading of the age-appropriate book.

Why is It Important to Have a Bedtime Routine, Baby?

Bedtime routine forces babies’ natural circadian rhythms, teaching them a difference between day and night. Later on, a bedtime routine will help your little ones to slow down and also get prepared for bedtime.

A regular bedtime routine will create a sense of comfort that may be helpful when you are trying sleep patterns for you and your baby, such as when you are training for sleep.

A Constant Sleep Routine Helps In

1. Baby Fall Asleep

If you want to fix the baby not sleeping issues, a sleep routine may come to the rescue. A calming bedtime ritual that follows the predictable pattern every night will give your baby a heads up that it is the right time to wind down and also prepare for sleep that, in turn, help him nod off.

2. Set Baby Up For a Lifetime of Best Sleep

Baby’s sleep will not only improve his health and lifestyle now but will be effective on his life throughout his life. Sleep regressions, where babies find it hard to sleep or stay asleep, are very normal in the first year and beyond. Having the bedtime routine in place gives comfort that may help your baby go through the phases in the right way.

3. You to Relax

Newborn not sleeping is equal to mother staying awake as well. If you want to enjoy sound sleep, you will first have to tune into your baby. A bedtime routine is a great way to bond with your little one when the day ends, and it may make evenings a lot more relaxing for you.

What Is the Ideal Time to Start a Bedtime Routine?

No one size fits all. You have to be flexible and let your child find his way out as well.

– Feed With Cuddles

A nightcap fills your baby’s tank before the night ahead. If he has teeth, brush them when you are done. And if your baby falls asleep in feedings, push up this part of the routine before your bath.






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