A Few Foods to Eat During Pregnancy to Make Baby Smart

We all want our kids to be mindful and intelligent. But do you know that you can start influencing your child even before his birth to have an intelligent baby? By eating certain foods, you can impact your child’s intelligence level and make him smart for his coming life ahead. A few foods to eat during pregnancy to make baby smart are given as follows.

A Few Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Take Your Vitamins

You can have a healthy baby both physically and mentally by having the right amount of vitamins. Taking your vitamins every day will ensure that you are getting the right balance of nutrients that your baby needs.

Folic acid and vitamin B12 to help make more red blood cells, vitamin C to produce more collagen, vitamin D for building the bone up, and zinc for brain development is effective not on you but also for your baby’s mental and physical health.


Have Enough Amount of Veggies and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits have antioxidants in them that are good for your baby. Antioxidants keep your baby protected as his brain tissues stay away from damage. It would help if you aimed to get seven servings of fruits and veggies in a day.

Pick deep-colored items for the biggest punch of antioxidants in a day. Go for dark leafy greens, plums, strawberries, and tomatoes. Also, make sure that you wash all fruits and veggies quite well. Even fruits that have a cutting named rind on them will have germs in them.

Veggies and fruits

Boost of Proteins

After baby conception, you must make sure you are having enough supply of proteins. Your body requires more protein now to build up cells and also make hormones for your growing baby.

Hence it would help if you increased protein intake by an extra ten grams per day. Meat, eggs, and chicken are thought to be the ideal sources of proteins.

Boost your protein intake by having boiled eggs, yogurt, meat curry, and chicken. Vegetarian moms may pick from soya beans, lentils, kidney beans, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage.

Protein sources
Sources of healthy protein – meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, legumes, and grains.

Have Some More Iron

Among the foods to eat during pregnancy to make a baby smart, iron must be on the top. Your iron intake needs to get doubled when in pregnancy as iron helps deliver life-sustaining oxygen into your intelligent baby.

The trouble is, most women better into pregnancy already being deficient. If your baby is not given oxygen in the womb, the risk of having a lower IQ and poor growth may increase. It would help if you asked your doctor to test you for any iron deficiency. Then also, make sure that your diet has enough iron-rich foods in it, such as chicken, meat, legumes, and fortified breakfast cereal.

Iron food
Fried mushrooms and sausage in cas-iron skillet. Ingredients for rustic simple food, view from above.

The Essence of Copper

Copper is one of the many important nutrients for brain development, and many studies have shown it to be the cause of the development of the hippocampus and dentate gyrus. A pregnant woman can provide the right amount of copper to her baby by simply picking foods to consume throughout the day.

These were a few foods to eat during pregnancy to make the baby smart. Foods are one of the top things you need for a baby to have an intelligent brain.

copper nutrients source
Healthy food containing copper, dietary fiber and natural minerals, concept of healthy nutrition

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