How Can I Use Yoga For PCOS To Attain Maximum Benefits?

Though it is a fact that yoga may not cure PCOS, it might help in some of the symptoms. The following are reasons why yoga for PCOS is suggested to its patients:

Yoga is accessible for most fitness levels

Though positive changes in PCOS signs, symptoms and the anxiety levels may happen with moderate aerobic exercises, yoga is accessible for most fitness levels. A wide range of ages can practice yoga easily. Yoga exercise is advised for PCOS as other exercises are not like it. They can’t be suggested to a wide range of age groups.

Yoga may lower testosterone levels:

According to a study, practicing yoga might help in decreasing the levels of testosterone and also boost the symptoms of depression and anxiety in women with PCOS. Being more specific, people that did one hour of yoga thrice a week for three months has reduced levels of testosterone up to 29%.

What is the yoga pose that may help with PCOS?

Yoga exercise has wide range of practices. From the gentle flow to the advanced poses that are reserved for experienced yoga practitioners. This very ancient practice has something to offer for all levels. This being said, a few styles might be a better fit for finding relief from this state of PCOS.

Some workouts such as walking, cycling, or running may not be advised to many age groups. Yoga also comes with the mindfulness component which helps in the promotion of relaxing and balanced moods. Doctors suggest that adding an integrative practice to women with PCOS may be healthy as people may show an increased prevalence of anxiety and depression.

The gentle yoga for PCOS practices that bring your focus towards stretching and relaxation are advised. Following are a few poses that yoga women can practice for PCOS.

  1. Garland pose (Malasana):

It can strengthen the pelvic floor and the abdominal core while also opening the hips. It increases blood circulation in the pelvic region while improving metabolism and also helping with digestion.

  1. Bridge pose:

Bridge pose helps with calming the brain and reducing anxiety and stress while reliving tension built in the back muscles.

  1. Bow pose:

This pose may help in relieving the menstrual pain, regulate menstrual flow, stimulate reproductive organs as well. it boosts the circulation to the pelvic area, releases tension from your abdominal organs, and helps stretch legs, shoulders, and neck muscles. It helps with anxiety and reduces stress.

  1. Cat cow pose:

This pose helps with PCOS yoga and allows you to relax your body muscles and reduce feelings of anxiety and tension.

A few of the yoga poses and benefits are not known by many people but they can reduce a lot of tension buildup in muscles and the body. Yoga poses benefits people with PCOS and allows them to live a normal life. This hormonal disorder may mostly happen during the age of reproduction in a women’s life.

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