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What are Garabh sanskar, and how does it affect the baby’s health

All parents want to have healthy and strong, and hence they do all they can to help the fetus get all the nourishment needed in pregnancy. This is what Ayurvedic medicine does.

It has a practice known as Garabh sanskar. This practice claims to offer many benefits, and hence, it is quite rapidly gaining momentum in India. This article will help in letting you understand what this practice is and how it can benefit you in pregnancy.

Understanding the concept of Garabh sanskar

A Sanskrit term that means education in the womb, Garabh sanskar stems from a belief that babies’ mental and behavioral development starts right from conception. This is the main reason why it is said that the mother’s state of mind may have a great impact on pregnancy.

If women are given expert guidance in pregnancy and in the early years of their children, it will have a huge impact on society. This practice has been well developed after many years of research and medical studies.

And it also helps to condition a child in the womb of his mother. According to this practice, the baby can respond to outside influences such as sounds and music. And mothers’ thoughts and feelings while being in the womb.

What are the benefits of Garabh sanskar?

Garabh sanskar involves a few practices, including chanting some mantras to your baby, talking to the baby in the womb, performing spiritual activities, listening to music, etc. the spiritual activities involve meditating, pujas, and eating healthy.

Reports say that Garabh sanskar can be traced back to the ancient Hindu texts and Vedas as early as 1500- 500 BC. It also looks for reference in the Mahabharata that was written roughly around 400 BC. It also forms a very important part of the Ayurvedic principles.

Garabh sanskar involves traditional diet planning, music, yoga, and behavioral suggestions, which help create the perfect atmosphere around the mother.

Helps baby in development and growth

Science says that the baby’s brain develops over 60 percent in the womb, and this baby can respond to outside influences which are subjected to him, such as music, light, and movements. Hence, when the mother has positive thoughts, she helps in circulating the positive and good hormones in her body that deeply impact her baby’s well-being.

Help keep the baby calm and positive

Listening to good music boosts positivity and gives many strong good vibes to your unborn baby. Science has said many times that a fetus may hear the mother’s voice when it is in the womb, and if the mother remains positive, it will affect the mental and physical development of the baby.

Improves bonding

Nothing may calm a baby more than the mother’s voice. When a baby listens to music or the stories you read aloud to him, he gets calmer and also builds a bond between child and mother before birth.

These are a few benefits of Garabh sanskar. You may see improvements in how you feel about yourself and your baby after practicing building a healthy relationship with the baby.

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