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Dry Fruits Will Enhance Your Baby’s Development During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very crucial period in a life of a woman. A child’s health is determined solely on basis of how much nutritionally a to be a mother is eating. There is no particular food group that should be avoided if the mother is a healthy individual i.e. no pre-existing conditions are there. A well-balanced, nutritionally appropriate diet requires moderation and quantity management. In this blog, I will tell you the myths surrounding dry fruits and nuts consumption and the importance of dry fruits during the period of pregnancy.

There Are Several Myths Regarding Things a Pregnant Woman Should Eat & Avoid.

Dry fruits like almond, walnuts, cashew nuts, pistachio, raisins and others are very important to eat.

Myth 1: Eating Dry Fruits Will Lead to Weight Gain

Dry fruits are calorie-dense products but eating in moderation will never lead to weight gain. Healthy lipids, proteins, fiber, and a plethora of other nutrients abound in dry fruits.

Myth 2: Eating Dry Fruits During Pregnancy Will Make the Child Allergic to That Particular Dry Fruit.

Unless and until the pregnant women doesn’t have any allergies/ or feels discomfort after eating there is no harm in including dry fruits and nuts.


Myth 3: There is Excess Sugar In Dry Fruits.

Dried forms of fruit have low water content so energy and the natural occurring sugar in them gets concentrated. Dry fruits are high in lipids, protein, and other nutrients. It’s all about moderation when it comes to eating them.

Myth 4: Walnuts Cause Miscarriage.

Walnuts are absolutely safe to eat during pregnancy. It is beneficial for cognitive health of both mother and foetus.

Pregnancy is such a physiological state that each and every nutrient plays an important role in mother’s and the infant’s growth. Dry fruits are high in protein and, thanks to the fiber content, can keep you full for a long period. It may be consumed as a snack in the afternoon, morning, or in between meals. Dry fruits can be added to milk shakes, sprinkled on some dishes, eaten as raw or roasted or sometimes as salted.

Nuts are extremely healthy and important to people in many parts of Asia and Africa. Most nuts contain a great deal of fat that to mostly MUFA and PUFA which are known as healthy fats. Nuts are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. When left in their shells, most nuts have a long shelf life and may be easily kept for future use.

Almonds are a nutrient-dense food, and over the last decade, substantial study on their potential health benefits has connected consumption habits to a lower risk of chronic illnesses including heart disease and type-2 diabetes.  The Almonds and other tree nuts have long been a part of mankind’s diet, and their popularity has grown in the modern period, whether as snacks and as component of a meal.

Note: Almonds Are High In Fibre 12g/ 100g Almonds.

Eating foods high in fibre helps with the problem of constipation. It might be beneficial in potassium-rich, low-sodium diets. Vitamin E, folate, and other vitamins are abundant in almonds. Folate is an important vitamin that needs during pregnancy to avoid spina bifida and other spinal and brain problems. Almonds can be beneficial for over weight/obese pregnant women to maintain their weight and not to increase it any further. Stretch marks while pregnancy can be improved with almond oil.

Walnuts are high in proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols, making them an essential part of human diet. the Walnuts are abundant in critical dietary fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). The Walnuts provide a multitude of health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, improving cardiovascular health, and increasing the ratio of HDL cholesterol to overall cholesterol. Walnuts are abundant in alpha-linoleic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid. Alpha linoleic acid (ALA) is consider particularly good for heart health. Walnuts decrease inflammation so if any pregnant woman has arthritis or in general inflammation related to pregnancy it helps in decreasing it.

Note: As Compared to Other Nuts, Walnuts Contain High Levels of Vitamin E.

Vitamin B6 may strengthen the immune system and support nerve health during pregnancy. A vitamin B6 deficiency may cause anaemia. Anaemia during pregnancy can lead to lot of problems. It has other vitamins and minerals like copper, folate, manganese and phosphorous etc. Melatonin is a neurohormone that aids in the regulation of the biological clock. It’s also a potent antioxidant that might help you avoid heart disease. Walnuts have several health benefits, including weight loss, better endocrine parameters in PCOS, enhanced cognitive function in pregnant women, and diabetes control.

The pistachio is a nutrient-dense nut that contain enzymes, dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium, vitamin K, g-tocopherol, and a variety of phytochemicals, as well as a heart-healthy fatty-acid profile. Pistachios have the greatest potassium content of all the nuts, with 285 mg per ounce (8 percent daily value). Because pistachios have a low GI, they are a suitable choice for a diabetic pregnant lady. According to a recent study, adding pistachios to high-GI meals including parboiled rice, pasta, and mashed potatoes can lower the total postprandial glycemic response by 20–30%.

Note: This Shows That Including Pistachios In High-Glycemic-Index Meals or Snacks Might Help Manage Blood Sugar Levels.

Raisins contain 70% sugar (fructose and glucose). They have a positive impact on the digestive system and control B.P., as well as lowering the danger of cancer cell malignancies in the gastrointestinal tract.

Protein, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, as well as thiamine, besides other nutrients, are abundant in Brazil nuts. Unsaturated fatty acids account for 70% of the endosperm. The highest known dietary source of selenium is Brazil nuts. They are one of the greatest plant-base sources of selenium, a mineral require for normal thyroid and immunological function. Selenium could also aid in the prevention of prostate, liver, and lung cancers.

Brazil nuts offer several health advantages, including cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant, and ant proliferative properties.

Macadamia nuts contain just over one gram of natural sugar. It is safe for pregnant diabetic women. The nuts are beneficial for cardiac, obese, and other metabolic syndrome patients. They are the wealthiest sources of omega-7.

So, to conclude dry fruits are beneficial to health rather than being a culprit. Different dry fruits exhibit different beneficial effects on our body. Always remember dry fruits have healthy fats in them they are definitely better than the fats. Incorporate them and see the difference in yourself.




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