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Congrats you are Pregnant!

Pregnancy requires lots of changes and one of the most important is your Wardrobe. As and when you get the positive pregnancy news, you must start planning for your outfit requirements especially for the time when your bump will be visible. Due to Physical changes now you are not going to be fit in all that old stuff. Obviously, it would be difficult to understand what to buy and when to but it for those who have become pregnant for the first time. You must be looking for a Maternity Wardrobe guide, here it is.

This maternity outfit checklist guide would must help you to understand certain points before going on your maternity wardrobe shopping, depending upon your personal requirements as well.

Before your bump start showing, there are certain items mentioned below that you can buy:

  1. Buy some comfortable tops/ Tunics/ light shrugs.

These days number of stylish nice tops, tunics or shrugs are easily available at trendy maternity cloth stores. You must buy comfortable tops that are not too tight or too loose. As per your need you have options for long sleeves or short sleeves as well. At last, you’re wearing must not affect your breathing or you get enough space to breathe. Choose longer tops that would cover the whole area of your belly.

  1. Get leggings, stretchy pants or pyjamas pants.

When you start gaining weight in your pregnancy, stretchable clothing makes you more comfortable and that must be preferred. Also, around your waist you might start feeling tight, for that as well leggings or pyjamas pants provides you easy living. You can wear it with tunics or long loose tees.

  1. Must have Maternity support Bras and Panties.

Internal clothing is as important as external clothing. When you undergo physical changes during pregnancy, certain changes occur in the size of other parts as well, such as waist and breast. For all that comfortable maternity bras and panties makes you ease and that can also be used post pregnancy for nursing purpose. You can buy nursing bras set online and prefer loose cotton panties with high waist.

  1. Easy Shoes.

Footwear collection plays an important role in your maternity wardrobe purchasing that cannot be ignored at all. Swelling in your feet due to weight gain is common during pregnancy while walking or sitting, and during this time your old shoes do not fits in your feet, hence do not wear tight, uncomfortable, heavy shoes and avoid heels too. This could reduce the chances of falling down or any serious harm to you and your baby.

Slippers, floaters, sandals, flat, non-slippery light and comfy shoes will be preferable that you can match with your outfit as well. You must buy good quality footwear apart from cost.

  1. Maternity gowns/Maxi/ Skirt.

Fashionable, trendy or free style gowns can also be purchased, one of the most needful clothing that you can wear anytime or anywhere, at home, markets or for outings as well. One can also use supporting belts as required. Knee length dress is a good option, with the stretchy fabrics knee length maxi dress would make you look cute and comfy as well. Cotton long skirt that you can carry over your belly part will give you a flowy dress look.

  1. Comfortable jacket or cardigan.

If you are going out or feeling over conscious and you don’t want people to get attention towards your belly, then you could prefer long or light with different layers of cardigan or scarfs that will cover your bump.

Couple of loose sweaters or loose jackets and light weighted in winters would help you out so that you might not feel cool at your bump area.

  1. Designer Maternity Jeans.

You are pregnant, it does not mean that you cannot wear jeans. Now a days regular jeans for maternity period are available with stretchy waist instead of buttons that makes you feel comfortable and confident to wear jeans during the time of pregnancy as well. Wider elastic waist jeans that covers your belly are more recommendable than the smaller elastic that goes under the belly. It would be a great investment in your wardrobe. You can get them in different colours that you can match it with different tunics or tops.

  1. Baby shower outfit/ Maternity photo shoot

Every pregnant women have their own choice or dream of wearing certain outfit at the time of baby shower, maternity photo shoot or any occasion. Some would prefer their own traditional dresses or some would follow the ongoing trend at that time.

Also some would like to show off their belly and some would prefer to hide it. Options could be like Sarees, Anarkalli dress, Maxi dress, short or long designer gowns, fitted dresses that would makes you look more beautiful and easy rather than stressing yourself.

  1. Sleep wear

Oversize t-shirts and loose pyjamas set will make you feel relaxed during sleep. Cotton or stretchable soothing fabrics kaftans set or maxi can be a good option for sleep wear. Sleep during pregnancy must be relaxed and sufficient, so sleep wear would surely help you out for the same. Cartoon character night wears in good quality stuff are especially made for pregnant women. You can buy it online depending upon your colour preferences.

Finally, during your pregnancy period you must feel comfortable and enjoy growing your baby inside you, and which can only happen if you feel good while wearing clothes and colours of your own choice.

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