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Kiran Rawat
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Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Yoga is a mind-body practice. A multifaceted approach is adopted in pregnancy where different poses keep you active, prepare you for labour and childbirth. Meditation and focussed breathing help you endure pain during delivery, increasing your chances of having a conscious birth experience. Yoga helps pregnant women enjoy pregnancy by alleviating minor discomforts, decreasing stress, and helping you connect with your baby.

Postnatal Yoga Classes

It is time to recover and get back to your normal shape. Postnatal yoga sessions will help you to recover and build strength after pregnancy and childbirth. It is specially designed for mums to help them regain their physical appearance and shape.It will also help mums fight postnatal depression and make them emotionally strong. Various breathing and meditation practices help in the easy transition to motherhood.

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FAQ's for Prenatal Yoga

  • Can I still join if I have never done yoga before?

    Yes, it is entirely safe to join even if you're a beginner and have never practiced yoga before. Our yoga teachers are experienced and experts in teaching prenatal yoga and understand your needs in a better way.

  • What is the good time to start yoga in pregnancy and why?

    Guidelines recommend starting yoga in the second trimester, after 15- 20 weeks, and continuing till the birth.

  • What do I need before starting yoga?

    You need to ensure that you are fit to join yoga classes with your obstetrician or doctor. Once you get fitness approval from your doctor, you can join us anytime.

  • When should I not to do yoga during pregnancy?

    Yoga is safe in pregnancy, but there are certain conditions listed by various organizations which advise that if you have any of the following, you should not perform the exercise. Condition in which it is not safe to perform exercise or yoga are- • Significant heart disease • Lung diseases • Cervical insufficiency or cerclage • Multiple gestations, twin pregnancy who are at risk of premature labor • Ongoing second- or third-trimester bleeding • Placenta previa • Premature labour • Ruptured membranes/ruptured bag of waters • Preeclampsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension • Anemia • Diabetes which is poorly controlled • Intrauterine growth restriction in the current pregnancy • Uncontrolled hypertension • Orthopedic limitations • Uncontrolled seizure disorder • Uncontrolled hyperthyroidism • Heavy smoker If you suffer from any condition, you must take advice from your health care professional before starting yoga classes. They can individually assess you and tell you better about your condition. If they feel it is safe for you to exercise, you can then join us.

  • How will yoga help me in pregnancy?

    Yoga helps in increasing your energy level Decreases stress and improve sleep Alleviate ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches Relieves you from back pain Naturally relieves common pregnancy symptoms like constipation, nausea vomiting of pregnancy Prevent complications of pregnancy

  • How will yoga help me in labour and delivery?

    Yoga sessions before labour is like preparing for a marathon and running it. No one runs a marathon without training, likewise labour and childbirth are no less than a marathon.  Practicing yoga in pregnancy will help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, will help in easy delivery. Various mind practices will help you cope with pain during labour, and you will have a conscious birth experience. It will prepare you both mentally and physically for your childbirth. It will also help to prevent complications during labour and delivery.

  • How is it different from childbirth education classes being provided by you?

    Childbirth classes are run by professional teachers who will teach you about how labour happens and how a baby is born. They will teach you different positions you can adopt during the birth of a baby. They will provide you with general information and give you tips and tricks for childbirth. Still, these yoga classes will be in regular sessions, which will help you in preparing yourself mentally and physically for birth. Both have the same goal that is to ease your delivery but with a different path.

  • How should I prepare myself for the class?

    1 Chose a safe and quiet room to practice your yoga 2 Usually yoga is best done with an empty stomach. Still, in pregnancy, a light snack can be taken before practicing a yoga session. It will help in preventing fluctuation in glucose levels. 3 Try to wear light, comfortable clothes 4 Use yoga props like yoga mats

  • What should I keep in mind while doing yoga?

    1 Perform in a slow and relaxed manner 2 Always breathe through nostrils unless given any other instructions 3 Do not jerk your body when practicing 4 Practice as per your own capacity 5 Avoid overstretching during the sessions 6 Do not practice in a hot and humid environment 7 Be mindful of lying supine 8 Remember each pregnancy is different on its own self. Thus, it is very essential to practice yoga under the supervision and not on your own.

  • What will happen in a typical yoga session?

    Any prenatal yoga session will follow the following sequence- breathing, stretching, yoga poses, and relaxation or cooling down.

  • How is prenatal yoga different than regular yoga

    Prenatal yoga is specifically for pregnancy, and many poses are strictly avoided during pregnancy. Thus it is not safe for you or your baby to perform yoga unsupervised.

  • What will be my alarming symptoms and signs before and during yoga class?

    Any bleeding episode If you start feeling dizzy If for any reason you are not feeling well

  • What if I don't start feeling well during yoga class?

    Inform your yoga teacher as soon as possible so that she can advise accordingly.

  • Why us?

    You can enjoy yoga classes by certified yoga teachers at the comfort of your home and avail additional benefits of subscription plans

Online Prenatal Yoga

FAQ for Postnatal Yoga

Online Postnatal Yoga

FAQ Yoga

  • How do I register for the class?

    You need to join us by simply giving your email address and setting your password; once you have joined, go to the booking page and book your class. You can book any class as per your preference. Once you have booked, you will receive a notification that your class is booked. You will then receive the zoom link in another email soon before the class. All classes will be conducted on zoom.

  • What is live class,and how will we conduct it?

    The live class is when the yoga teacher will teach you all the asanas and observe you if they are being performed correctly. It is the same as someone is teaching you yoga in a studio. The only difference and advantage are that you are learning yoga at the comfort of your home and with the most experienced yoga teachers. All the classes will be on zoom and will be one 2 one to give you personalized attention. We want you to teach all the asanas properly or poses so that you can be benefitted most from them. You can ask us as many questions as you wish. You can log in to the link you received for your yoga class. In case you didn't receive the link-let us know as soon as possible via WhatsApp so that we can send you the link or alternatively check your spam folder as well.

  • What are the different subscription plan?

    Following plans are available- 1) 4 weeks yoga package-12 classes in 4 weeks 2) 4 weeks complete pregnancy plan- 12 classes in 4 weeks along with additional benefits of watching educational videos, Getting diet consultations from dieticians along with customised diet charts. 3) 12 weeks complete pregnancy plan-36 classes in 12 weeks along with additional benefits of watching educational videos, Getting 6 diet consultations from dieticians along with 6 customised diet charts.

  • What benefits will I get by becoming a member?

    Based on the type of subscription you have opted for, you can avail any of three yoga classes/ week if you are a member. You just need to book the class as per your preference. You will receive the link to the class soon after you book it. A member has additional benefits like getting access to courses and videos. Members as per their subscription will also get access to customized diet charts and online dietician consultation.

  • Why only 3 classes per week for a member?

    It is a general consensus that it becomes difficult for pregnant and postnatal women to perform well in more than 3 classes/week.

  • Why us?

    You can enjoy yoga classes by certified yoga teachers at the comfort of your home and avail additional benefits of subscription plans.


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Pallavi Sharma

Certified yoga teacher(ERYT 500)


B.ed Yoga sciences

Kiran Rawat

M.A in Yogic Science Diploma in Acupressure, YTT 200

Dr Smitha R Varne

BNYS(naturopathy and yoga sciences) MD, alternative medicine
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