Initial Foods To Start With

The infant grows rapidly in weight and height, quickly develops, and achieves milestones as per his age. introducing solid foods becomes necessary to meet the growing demands of a baby.

About Course

  • Tips for introducing solid foods

    Know more about how and when to start introducing solid foods to your baby. Learn about various tips and tricks for introducing solids.

  • Principles for preparing the food

    Babies are more prone to get food poisoning. Maintaining strict protocols while preparing food will help prevent food poisoning. Learn what all to do before preparing the food and what steps to follow while feeding your baby.

  • How to prepare the food

    Learn about things needed to prepare the food and essentials needed while feeding your baby. If you are busy mum, learn how to store safely the prepared food for your baby.

  • How to feed your baby

    Learn the correct way to feed your baby

  • How much(in quantity) to feed your baby

    You cant give the baby an ample amount of food at a time. Start in small quantity first and then if your baby tolerates well, increase the quantity each day. Learn how much to feed him initially. Know the signs that will indicate the baby is hungry or full.

  • What to introduce when

    It is rough guide for you which indicates what all babies can eat easily and at what age as per his milestone

  • Choking and how to prevent it

    Choking is an acute emergency and it happens when the baby is unable to breathe as something gets stuck in the baby's breathing passage. Learn foods that can cause choking and how to prevent choking.

  • Recognising allergies

    Try to recognize the foods that can cause allergies. If you have a family history of allergies, eczema, asthma-like conditions, it becomes necessary for you to recognise allergies early and act appropriately.

Why to Enroll

  • Learn about what is the right age to start introducing solid foods to babies and why. Which foods to start with initially and which foods are ideal as per your baby's age. How to prepare the food and how to store the food. Know more about choking and how to prevent it. Also, know about ways to recognize allergies and what to do in case of an emergency.

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