First Trimester Of Pregnancy

First trimester is the start of an incredible and amazing journey of pregnancy and motherhood

About Course

  • Baby development week by week

    Your baby starts developing from the day you conceive and this journey of growth and development goes on and on. It is amazing to see how the fusion of one egg and one sperm results in the formation of a cute little baby. The first trimester is the most critical period of the baby's development as all organs and major structures begin to form in the first trimetser.

  • Symptoms in first trimester

    Learn about what all pregnancy hormones can do to your body. What are the normal symptoms of pregnancy and how to deal with them?  Learn about warning symptoms and signs of pregnancy and when to ask for help.

  • Morning sickness

    Morning sickness affects 80% of pregnant women. Know more about how to deal with it and when you need to visit the doctor.

  • Warning symptoms and signs of first trimester

    Sometimes you need to be extra vigilant in the first trimester, You should be aware of warning symptoms and signs of pregnancy as Bleeding and pain abdomen.Know how to differentiate between normal pregnancy cramps and pain abdomen or cramps which could be serious too!!!!

  • Antenatal appointments

    You will book with your midwife or doctor as soon as you discover you are pregnant. Know what all to expect in your first antenatal appointment, Which blood tests will be done, and what all advice you will receive.

  • First trimester screening

    Screening tests are the test done to find out of risk of the baby having birth defects.They include a blood test and first trimester scan. Know what the scan results and blood test results mean and which conditions they detect. Also know about newest form of testing available that is  NIPT. Learn about senstivity of each test in detecting birth defects in baby.

  • Diet in pregnancy

    We all are aware that one should eat healthy in pregnancy but what a healthy diet actually involves. Know about what all and in what proportions is considered healthy . Know how much weight gain is appropriate in pregnancy and what constitutes a balanced diet.

  • What all to avoid in first trimester

    There are many myths around what should be eaten and what not during pregnancy. Learn about which foods and drinks to avoid in pregnancy and what harm they can cause in pregnancy if eaten.

  • Supplements in first trimester

    Along with a healthy diet, supplements like folic acid are needed to nourish the growing baby. Learn about why supplements are needed and why healthy diet alone is not sufficient to meet the needs of your growing baby.

Why to Enroll

  • The first trimester is the most crucial period in the whole pregnancy. You will learn how your cute baby is developing inside the womb. What symptoms your pregnancy hormones can cause and various warning symptoms and signs which you should be aware of. Apart from that what to expect in your antenatal appointments, which blood tests are necessary, and how to nourish your baby in a healthy way by taking a healthy diet, and much more.

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